Unit as zeta gundam beam sabre
Unit Number 0062
Unit Type Close Range Combat
Rank ASrank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking/Hovering
Shield Yes/No
Faction 1 A.E.U.G.
Faction 2 N/A
Capsule 144
Blueprint 18000 Points
Video N/A

Ammo Range Reload Rate Other Attributes
Weapon sabre Beam Sabre
Melee 5 hits to knockdown.
Weapon beam rifle Beam Rifle
8 Medium Medium None.
Weapon rocket Grenade Launcher
5 Medium Medium Splash Damage.
Inflicts Reload Down.

Ammo Range Reload Rate Other Attributes
Weapon beam rifle Beam Rifle
7 Medium Medium None.
Weapon none None

Weapon none None


Manufactured by Anaheim Electronics, the Zeta Gundam was a result of next-generation MS development program led by A.E.U.G (Anti-Earth Union Group). It featured a movable frame which allowed it to transform into a "Waverider" form that gave more mobility and speed.


Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill attack up

Attack Up

Skill special attack awakening

Special Attack Awakening

Mobile Suit Mode

Waveride Mode

Skill special attack melee

Melee Special Attack

Skill special attack melee

Melee Special Attack

Attack 148 Points
Defense 102 Points
Mobility 144 Points
Difficulty 98 Points


Unit a zeta gundam Unit b gundam mk-ii aeug Unit c rick dias Unit c gm ii aeug Unit c long dagger
Zeta Gundam Gundam Mk-II (A.E.U.G.) Rick Dias (Black) GM II (A.E.U.G.) Long Dagger
Key Level 5 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

Used in Blueprint of:

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