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    Sorry Sorry been busy.

    December 15, 2012 by Jijigundam

    well life happens and I unfortunately dropped off the face of the earth, doesn't help when I had to spend a month trying to understand the tech aspectes behind how god awful 00 units work by reading official gundam magazines but that is neither here nor there. I haven't been around to play much I played a bit in november if you caught that live stream of me messing around, that being said I noticed machine gun damage was weird havent checked it since the patch in december but any time I can kill a freedom with a gouf custom simply by spamming shots at it their is an issue, I later had to tell my friend he won the match cause a solid rounds shouldn't be able to ignore phase shift.

    that being said I'll be back soon with some commentary and re…

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  • Jijigundam

    Okay I'm going to use this Blog as a bit of Opinion based Satire on the Various MS and MA I've Played this week on my three seperate accounts on NA these Opinions are generally going to be my views on the units on how they Preform in NA, and Not so much other servers because well OGPlanet makes the gameplay a little weird, almost to the point I think their programing department is a bunch of Chimanzee's smashing about a keyboard knowing not what they are doing. Well that and Each Server apparently has the right to adjust any unit's stats and custom points, as well as quest rewards as they feel (Big mistake Softmax.) Also I'll be listing skills by what I know them by rather then what the Wiki or OGPlanet lists them simply because 1. They So…

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