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Submarine Base is a partly aquatic PvP map. This map features two high-rise areas connected by a destructible bridge that spans across the map. These high-rise areas are ideal for shooting opponents on the lower level or those across the bridge. It is possible to move into another's base through a raised hall on the side, so care should be taken to avoid sneak attacks, especially from units capable of Stealth.

This map is inspired by Gundam SEED and is the Secret Facility of Morgenroete Incorporated, a part of the Orb Union based on Onogoro Island. Morgenroete Incorporated was responsible for the creation of SEED's five original Gundams.



Single Normal Death Boss Tag Grid
Rookie Checkbox yes Checkbox yes Checkbox yes Checkbox no
Expert Checkbox yes Checkbox yes Checkbox yes Checkbox no Checkbox no Checkbox no

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