Unit c training ms-a
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Unit cu serpent
Property Unit rank paper 2
Rank CUrank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking
Faction 1 Mariemaia Army
Faction 2 N/A
Capsule 42
Blueprint N/A
Video N/A

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Weapon fist Melee Knocks down.
No melee dash.
Double-Barreled Gatling Gun
Weapon vulcan 3
Medium Fast Standing: 10-shot burst.
Moving: 3-shot burst.
Beam Cannon
Weapon mega beam 1 Long Long Beam sniping weapon.


The MMS-01 Serpent's Commander unit of the Mariemaia Army. Like the solider version, was rumored to be a next generation Mobile Suit for OZ, the Serpent commander has heavily armed with a number of weaponry, including a double Gatling gun, beam cannon and missiles. By the end of the Mariemaia Rebellion, most of these suits were disabled along with the lesser version of it.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill sniper precision

Precision Shooting

Skill attack up

Attack Up

Special Attack

Skill special attack beam

Beam Special Attack

Stat cu serpent Attack 13.8
Speed 9.9
Special 12.3
Agility 11.4
Health 10.8
Defense 12.3

Used in Blueprint of:

  • None

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