Units used:

Skill Parts used:

  • None

Items used:

  • None

Random Reward(s):


  • This mission is done with 4 Heavyarms Custom or 3 Heavyarms and a Wing Zero (Has to be the AR one). During Phase 1, the Heavyarms will move forward and kill the ships. Wing Zero or one of the Heavyarms will fall back to the Ptolemaios about now, since a few Tieren (Space Type) will start spawning. Kill them till Phase 2 starts. Here, when Kyrios and Virtue's HP drop low enough, there'll be a short cutscene where either Kyrios impales a Tieren or Virtue purges to Nadleeh. In any case, Stand a good distance from each other and unload on Soma. A small rectangle shape should work out for placement. If Wing Zero was used, it'll want to use one of the Heavyarms Customs for cover. Try not to turn your back to Soma, because if you do, even strong tanks like Heavyarms Custom stand no chance. Good times for this mission tend to be about 6:30 or 7:00 left on the clock.

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