Mission Reward Edit

Currently unknown at this time

Mission Objectives Edit

Phase 1: Escort Gundam Mrk-II to the given point

Phase 2: Defeat the Murasai

Phase 3: Protect the Adhumbla to the given point.

About the Mission Edit

In Phase 1 the Kamilie in the Mrk-II will enter in from where the players spawn. After a few seconds in a lone Hizak will appear and attack Kamilie. After which a swarm of Hizacks and Gouf Flight Types will appear and attempt to shoot Kamilie and the Mrk.-II down, appearing with them as well are missile turrents that will harm the NPC normally and inflict "Slow" on players. Near the halfway point Jerid will make an early appearance to take Kamilie down. On most difficulties Jerid can be killed or ignored but on Expert he's more of a threat to Kamilie then the Hizaks and Gouf Flight Types. Killing Jerid in this phase will give bonus points.

In Phase 2 you will appear inside the Jaburo base. Appearing around you as well will be Hizaks and also Heavy Guncannons which will knock you over when hit by their ranged attacks. Gundam Mrk.II and the Hyaku Shiki will spawn to attack the enemies with the players. Destroy enough of these suits to force Jerid to spawn and he will target the player with the most hate. During the entirety of this phase Jerid has Anti-Flinch so mostly range him while avoiding the Hizaks that WILL charge you to knock you over. After making Jerid disappear and reappear his Health Bar will appear signaling he wont vanish anymore and you are to defeat him.

In Phase 3 you will be tasked with escorting the A.E.U.G's own Adhumbla to the end of the runway. In this final phase all the grunt units from the first phase will reappear along with GMs. At certain intervals into the run Missile Turrents will appear and will either target the closest player to them or go for the Adhumbla. After taking out all enemies the Adhumbla will escape and the mission will be a success.

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