Units used:

Skill Parts used:

  • None

Items used:

  • None

Random Reward(s):

Explanation: In the first phase, the Neue Ziel will want to tank the GP-02A "Physalis" while the rest of the team will unload everything they have on it. When there is a warning sign, the Neue Ziel will want to go to the big hangar to avoid the incoming missiles, and the rest of the team will either use beam special or hide in another small hangars. You will know when it is safe to come out when you see South Burning saying something. Rinse and repeat until GP-02A is dead. This phase isn't too hard if you can avoid the damage from the missles or a shield bash from GP-02A.

In the second phase, the GP-02A will appear from the sky, it will mostly go for GP-01 "Zephyranthes" and disappear after a set of damage is done. The Neue Ziel will want to stick to GP-01 as close as possible to prevent it from dying. The rest of the team will go around killing the other NPC so the GP-02A can spawn. [1]Rinse and repeat until the GP-02A is dead.

In the third phase, there is a small orange circle under the Albion. All of the remaining players must stay in the circle in order to move the Albion. There will be many NPC on either side that will appear and attack the ship[2]. After killing enough amount of NPC, the Zaku II F2 (Neuen Bitter Custom) will appear, and it will go for the closest player who attacks it. The Neue Ziel might want to grab its attention and then hover in the air so the team can shoot it down easier. Shooting it down gives a boost to the Albion speed that is quite important to clear this phase. This phase mainly depends on the speed boost, and if you can't get the boost, consider that game as a loss.

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