Units used:

  • Any S-rank with a respectable ranged game.

Skill Parts used:

  • None

Items used:

  • None

Random Reward(s):


  • In the first phase, you just need to kill everything you can see. In the second phase, you'll protect Archangel while doing the same, though the enemies hardly do enough damage to be any worry. In the third phase, you need to kill 55 enemies in 1 minute, which isn't hard at all since everything dies in one shot. In phases one and two, the DINNs will take less damage from beam weapons and the GINNs will take less damage from solid-round weapons. All things considered, this mission is just way too easy even on Expert difficulty since you're granted an ungodly reload buff and you should not be failing as long as you're not using an all-melee unit or falling asleep at the keyboard.

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