Units used:

Skill Parts used:

  • Dummies

Items used:

  • Cyclops (Optional)

Random Reward(s):


  • For this mission, you can use some sort of combination of the listed units, but no more than one of any unit that isn't Infinite Justice Gundam. In Phase 1, each player will be attacking one of the four Gundams to keep their attention off of the Menelaos for 90 seconds, which requires dealing sufficient damage to pull their aggro. To this end, Legend will be fighting Blitz, Infinite Justice will be fighting Buster, Strike Freedom will be fighting Duel, and V2 Assault will be fighting Aegis. The entire time, GINNs will be spawning, so you'll want to kill those while evading attacks from the Gundams, which should be concentrated on you if you're doing your job. If they don't respond to constant spamming, you'll need to resort to the riskier alternative of just going up to them and hit them with your melee. In Phase 2, all players will group up and rush to Archangel. Here, players will take turns putting up dummies as needed and concentrate on killing Buster and Blitz, as these are the easier of the four to kill. After that, kill enough GINNs and HP boxes to move onto the next phase. In Phase 3, Legend can prepare to fight Blitz while everyone else chases and kills Buster, who will spawn behind where you start and then make a beeline for the ship. V2 Assault and Infinite Justice will charge Aegis and kill him with either beam SMG spam or melee. Strike Freedom will concentrate on Duel. Kill GINNs while you're at it to spawn HP boxes and make your life easier. For each Gundam you manage to kill, you also get bonus EXP and points on completion. This mission can prove to be difficult for players that find themselves incapable of moving sideways while ascending/descending to avoid enemy ranged attacks while keeping aggro on the Gundams, but once you overcome this bit of L2Ping, its not a difficult mission at all.
  • Throughout the mission, there will be HP boxes that spawn after killing enough GINNs. In Phase 1, the boxes will spawn in Aegis and Blitz's corners. In Phase 2, the first will spawn somewhere on the far end opposite from where Archangel is while the second spawns in the corner to the left of Archangel (Read: You're looking at Archangel, now look to your left). In Phase 3, the first box spawns just below where you started the phase at while the second spawns to the right of the Menelaos.

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