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Game News

New In-Game Content
  • New Mission!
    • Scenario Mission - Winds of Jaburo

Capsule Machines Added
  • Currently None
Custom Capsule Machine Units Added
Custom Capsule Machine Units Removed
General Fixes
  • Quests now give the correct Rewards
Balance Changes
  • Unit Balancing
  • Training Channel is now merged with Beginner's Channel. Some Co-op missions may be set at Very Easy.
  • Auto Join System:
    • Start Matches with the Auto Join Button below the unit view from Game Room or My Room.
    • You can choose between PVP General Match and Death Match.
    • The Battle will begin with Pilots who have similar Ladder scores.
    • Auto Join will not be working for Expert Pilots who try to join from the Beginner Channel.
  • Ladder System:
    • Ladder Points can only be acquired from Auto Join Battles
    • Ladder Points increases when winning in battle, and decreases when loosing.
    • If your enemy team has more Ladder Points than your team, more Ladder Points will be gained when winning the battle and less Ladder Points will be deducted when losing.
    • However, if your enemy team has less Ladder Points than your team, less ladder points will be gained when winning and more points will be deducted when losing the battle.
  • Unit Combination System:
    • "Unit Combination" System had been added to the Factory
    • Combine 2 or more of the same units to gain additional bonuses!
    • 4 types of bonuses can be earned when you combine 2 of the same units together.
  • The four bonuses are:
    • Unit EXP Increase
    • Unit Repair Cost Decrease
    • Parts Reset Cost Decrease
    • Item Drop Rate Increase
  • These bonuses will be gained randomly, as well as their amount.
    • Cool Badge can be earned on your unit depending on the number of combinations and amount of bonuses received.
    • Rental Units cannot be used for combination
  • Custom Parts upgraded in Factory.

Shop News

Gashapon Units
Gashapon Items

Package Items/In-game shop
Rare Capsule Hammers: Gundam F91

Event News

  • Pending

For more events, check out the sdgo.ogplanet website.

Wiki News

We planned on giving up on this because started an NA page for SDGO but they haven't updated it to now.

--The Gelgoog with a Mustache (Have Questions? I'm here to help.) 18:37, January 22, 2014 (UTC)


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Featured media

NASDGO S Rank Unicorn Gundam (NT-D) 05:41

NASDGO S Rank Unicorn Gundam (NT-D)

Latest Patch

  • Destroy Gundam
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  • Zeta Gundam 3A Type
    Go to Zeta Gundam 3A Type
  • Delta Gundam
    Go to Delta Gundam
  • Gundam F91 (Twin VSBR)
    Go to Gundam F91 (Twin VSBR)
  • Beginning Gundam
    Go to Beginning Gundam
  • Unit br anksha.png
    Go to Anksha
  • Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom)
    Go to Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom)
  • Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom) (Beam Shotrifle)
    Go to Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom) (Beam Shotrifle)
  • Unit b dom trooper.png
    DOM Trooper
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