What is MCA? MCA stands for move combination attack/move cancel acceleration. This sounds really hard, but is the most easy skill you can do in the game. Lets start with move cancel acceleration. This is where you switching your weapons to reset the attack animation and increase the animation speed. If you haven't notice when you 1st use a melee combo it goes very fast, after that the combo would slow down a bit. By using the keyboard and switch weapons (e.g. weapon 1 to weapon 2 then to weapon 1), you can reset the animation of your combo. (You can also do it to any weapon except funnel type weapon). Next is move combination attack, this is where you chain up the hit of your melee weapon. Like Crossbone X-1, you can chain up to 8 or 10 hits depending which weapon your are using. How you can do this is by combining move cancel acceleration to chain up your melee. This technique allows you to lock down the enemy and allow your team to shoot easier. An advance way to do move combination attack is to combine with other weapons and deal more damage. For beginner, you can start with using Nether Gundam, where you use 1 hit on your melee and then switch to weapon 2 and shoot and then switch back to 1 and keep rotating until the enemy is knock down. This might be hard to do at first, but it just need a little practice to master it and become a troll.

- MidKnight Madness

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