Unit s full armor zz gundam
Unit Number 0228
Unit Type Medium Range Combat
Rank Srank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking/Walking
Shield No/Yes
Faction 1 A.E.U.G.
Faction 2 N/A
Capsule N/A
Blueprint 39000 Points
Video N/A

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Spray Missiles Homing weapon. Fires multiple missiles.
Weapon rocket 2 Medium Medium
Double Beam Rifle
Weapon beam rifle 9 Medium Medium Double shot.
Hyper Mega Cannon
Weapon mega beam 1 Long Medium Knocks down. Penetrates. Immobile.

Ammo: Range: Reload:

Other Attributes:

Hyper Beam Sabre
Weapon katana Melee 2 hits to knockdown.
No melee dash.
Double Beam Rifle
Weapon beam rifle 6 Medium Medium Double shot.
Hyper Mega Cannon
Weapon rocket 4 Medium Medium Homing weapon. Fires 4 missiles.


The FA-010S Full Armor ZZ Gundam is the ultimate form the of the original MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam. The unit is outfitted with special beam-reflective armor and given powerful new weaponry including new missile launchers and the powerful Hyper Mega Cannon. The unit can purge its armor to revert back to the normal MSZ-010S Enhanced ZZ Gundam, though at a weaker unit level.

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill attack up

Attack Up

Skill will of the newtype

Will of the Newtype

Full Armor ZZ

Enhanced ZZ(Purge)

Skill special attack ranged

Ranged Special Attack

Skill special attack beam

Beam Special Attack

Attack 112 Points
Defense 150 Points
Mobility 94 Points
Difficulty 98 Points


Unit as enhanced zz gundam Unit a zz gundam Unit b zaku iii Unit c gm iii Unit c gm custom
Enhanced ZZ Gundam ZZ Gundam Zaku III GM III GM Custom
Key Level 7 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1

Used in Blueprint of:

  • None

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