Unit s destroy gundam
Unit Number 1012
Unit Type Medium Range Combat
Rank Srank
Topography Versatile
Movement Walking/Hovering
Shield Yes/Yes
Faction 1 O.M.N.I.
Faction 2 N/A
Capsule N/A
Blueprint 39000 Points
Video N/A

Ammo Range Reload Rate Other Attributes
Weapon fist Melee
N/A Close N/A 4 Hits to knockdown
Weapon mega beam "Super Scylla" Multi-phase Energy Cannons
3 Long Slow Triple Shot.Penetrates
Weapon spread gun MJ-1703 5-barrel Hand Beam Cannons
2 Medium Fast Fires a 10-shot spread beam. Inflicts stun ailment..

Ammo Range Reload Rate Other Attributes
Weapon mega beam "Aufprall Dreizehn" High-energy Beam Cannon
1 Long Slow Quadruple Shot. Knocks Down. Penetrates
Weapon rocket 6-tube Multipurpose Missile Launchers
2 Medium Slow Fires 24 Missiles


The GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam was made for one purpose, total destruction. Though as massive as the suit it can shape, being deployed as a armor then transform into a towering mobile suit, the Destroy Gundam bolsters a large range of powerful beams, missile launchers and so forth. Using the latest in defensive technology the Destroy Gundam comes with a rare version of Phase Shift Armor known as "Variable Phase Shift" and when the conditions are right the Destroy's attack and SP power are doubled to ensure the maximum effectiveness of its weapons.


Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill phase-shift armor

Phase Shift Armor

Skill genocide machine

Genocide Machine

Mobile Suit Mode

Mobile Armor Mode

Skill special attack beam

Beam Special Attack

Skill special attack ranged

Ranged Special Attack

Attack 130 Points
Defense 164 Points
Mobility 58 Points
Difficulty 110 Points


Unit a gaia gundam Unit a abyss gundam Unit a chaos gundam Unit bs cgue deep arms Unit b gouf ignited
Gaia Gundam Abyss Gundam Chaos Gundam CGUE DEEP Arms GOUF Ignited
Key Level 7 Level 6 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1

Used in Blueprint of:


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