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This article, Factions, is constantly expanding so please remember the information within may change over time.

Almost every unit in SDGO has some affiliation, a group that mainly uses it or built it. These factions play a role in pvp games, specifically Tag and Grid matches. This these types of pvp match the player uses ships, each ship has it's own faction and a number of abilities. Some of these abilities can only be used when the ship and the suits on it are of the same faction.


Drake sdgo

The Drake class battleship has two default abilities:

Cannon fire

It can be given a third skill (for the example it's Enhanced Communication which provides enemy locations on the radar). Enhanced Communication will only work when all the units assigned to that ship are of the same Faction, since the Drake is from O.M.N.I. the other units also need to be from O.M.N.I. So a number of units can be used, regardless if the faction needed is 1st or 2nd, all as long the total RPS score does not exceed 10:

Combination Examples

Unit a aegis gundam Unit as launcher strike gundam Unit cs gunbarrel dagger
Aegis Gundam Launcher Strike Gundam Gunbarrel Dagger
Arank ASrank CSrank

Another example with the Salamis class (E.F.S.F. faction):

Unit a g3 gundam Unit br blue destiny unit 3 Unit c gm sniper ii
G-3 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit-3 GM Sniper II
Arank BRrank Crank


A number of combinations are possible as long as you remember a few things:

  • The skill you choose might not have 3 units of the same faction as a condition.
  • The total RPS score must not exceed 10.
  • The faction must be the same as the ship.

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