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Not all units in SDGO can only be won from the Capsule Machine or bought, in SDGO players can combine their existing units to create even more powerful units.

What is a Blueprint?

Blueprints are instructions that players use to combine units, the created units will either be the same or higher rank then the key unit.

The M1 Astray (a C rank) is a key unit in both the Astray Green Frame and M1 Astray (Repair Kit). One being a B rank and the other being a CS rank.

Unit c m1 astray
Unit cs m1 astray repair
M1 Astray Key
M1 Astray (Repair Kit)
Unit b astray green frame
Astray Green Frame


Each blueprint has a different list of units needed to fufill it, usually most of them will be from the same storyline and will always be the same or lower rank then the suit you're making. When viewing a blueprint a list of needed units appears, the top one being the key unit. Required units may also need to be a certain level (key units are always Custom 1) which will be shown on the blueprint. Rental units do not work in blueprints.

Key Units

Each plan has a key unit, the key unit is usually the highest rank and is always Custom 1. It's also the only unit that is not used up in combination. Another note is that the key unit will almost always be a form of the blueprint unit or related in some other way.

The key unit of Nu Gundam HWS is Nu Gundam, in the storyline the HSW version was developed from the original RX-93.

Obtaining Blueprints

Blueprints can be acquired in several different ways:

  • Drops from missions
  • The in-game shop
  • Quests
  • Events
  • Turning in enough coupons

Advantage of DIY Units

Self made units are a handy way of clearing up machines you may not be using, allowing you to combine them into something potentially more useful. Additionally self made units have an extra Custom Point slot, allowing stats to be boosted further.

God Gundam when bought from the shop has one custom slot, when built it has two.

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